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This is a free demo version of CUDA-Z. For commercial use registration is required. P = 0.059). Of these, a pulmonary embolism was only found in a single patient. Thus, we concluded that the rate of postoperative symptomatic PE in our study population was low.

Our hospital has an on-call orthopedic emergency surgeon who is available in all operating rooms. The on-call surgeon can attend postoperative patients directly at the emergency room and control the critical status of patients if necessary. Therefore, the incidence of symptomatic pulmonary thromboembolism was low in this study.

There were two deaths. No cases of deep vein thrombosis were found in this study. We concluded that the rate of symptomatic pulmonary thromboembolism after THA was low. Further investigation should be made to determine other causes of early mortality.

Conclusions {#Sec5}

In summary, the rate of symptomatic thromboembolism was low in this study population. We did not find any association of symptomatic thromboembolism with preoperative D-dimer elevation, operation time, volume of blood transfusion, or postoperative blood transfusion. Thus, we concluded that the risk of symptomatic thromboembolism after THA is low.

J-P Zhu and D-B Lu have contributed equally to this work.

**Competing interests**

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

**Authors’ contributions**

ZJ and DBL designed the study. ZJ, HDZ, YZ and YQF performed the literature search. All the authors read and approved the final manuscript.

We thank the orthopedic clinical medical team at the Department of Orthopedics, Affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University for their assistance with the collection of data. This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Number: 81301706).
President Trump ordered top intelligence officials to refute news reports about his contacts with Russia during last year’s presidential campaign, expressing alarm over the leaks of government secrets, according to the first accounts from current and former U.S. officials.

From July 30 to Aug. 4, 2017, Trump called Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo and then-

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Standalone or Windows-based.

Kali Linux 2017.1 is the latest edition of the free Linux distribution developed by the Offensive Security community and actively maintained. The operating system is based on Debian GNU/Linux 8.6 and is always up to date with all security patches. Its main features are a large number of open source tools, several kernel security features, a build system, and a collection of other tools for penetration testing, security analysis, hacking, and forensics. Additionally, Kali is maintained with a backdoored USB image for penetration testing and penetration testing purposes.
Kali Linux 2017.1 offers some new features like Wi-Fi and DNS proxy support, SSH key-based authentication and a new framework called Daemon Tools, which helps users to develop their own tools for various purposes.
Installing Kali Linux 2017.1
If you are a new user of Kali Linux, you may be interested in the new installer instead of the usual Live CD installer. In that case, you can find a direct download link for the latest version of the operating system (1.0). Note that although this is a clean install of Kali Linux, certain system files will have been removed. You can read the complete list of removed files here (link). However, if you prefer to keep the default files, you can get them from this link.
If you have already downloaded the latest ISO image, the installation is just a matter of clicking “Install Kali Linux 2017.1” on the desktop.
After a successful installation, you can access the Kali Linux 2017.1 interface by pressing CTRL + ALT + F1 (or Ctrl + Alt + F2, etc.) and login.
Installing additional software and tools
Since Kali Linux is a Linux distribution built around the usage of open source tools, it is easy to add software or upgrade existing software to newer versions. For example, if you want to install BackBox, which is a framework containing a collection of tools for penetration testing, security analysis, hacking, and forensics, you can easily do it by following this link.

Installing and

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Use Linux-based operating systems for the best performance
Learn how to evaluate your CUDA-enabled GPUs and GPGPUs with CUDA-Z
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The aim of this study was to compare different treatment modalities for incisor trauma. The study was designed to investigate and compare the radiographic and clinical findings in patients treated by non-restorative surgical procedures (extraction, alveolar osteotomy, extraoral traction and transposition of the tooth into the palate) and radiological remounting and repositioning of an intruded tooth (radiography and clinical examination). The groups were comparable with regard to gender, age, type of lesion and treatment modalities applied. The pretreatment, immediate post-treatment and subsequent follow-up radiographs of the oral cavity were used for the assessment of dental and bone healing and to determine the treatment outcome. Of the 97 patients included in the study, 93 were examined at the end of the treatment and subsequent follow-up periods. The treatment outcome was satisfactory in 45 patients, unsatisfactory in 46 patients and unsuccessful in two cases. Extraoral traction was shown to be more successful than the other treatments. It produced a higher proportion of cases with a satisfactory treatment outcome and fewer complications than the other treatment modalities.Shinko Kawai

is a Japanese musician and composer best known as the vocalist for the Japanese rock band the Great Kat, and for her work with the bands Shinko. Kawai was married to founding member of Great Kat Takeshi Tamura and was the CEO of his company and a member

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