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Dajukebox (formerly Soundbase) Crack Free Download For Windows [April-2022]

by salrel
Published: July 14, 2022 (4 weeks ago)


Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Dajukebox (formerly Soundbase) Crack+ License Code & Keygen Free [Win/Mac]

Dajukebox is a full-featured CD and MP3 audio player. It is intuitive and easy to use, and runs very well on most computers. It can play CDs and MP3s from CD and hard disk drives.
You can play multiple CDs and MP3s at a time, so that you can listen to different CDs while you work. You can edit and add tags to your MP3s, and organize and create playlists.
The program has a friendly interface. It lets you easily browse your files and play your CDs and MP3s. You can easily record, edit and tag radio streams. You can use the log, the station builder, the stream builder, the program builder and the disc burner.
There is no help available. Furthermore, the system requirements are not mentioned. The program doesn’t use any of its resources, and there are no incompatibility issues.


Edit tags, use a search function and control the broadcast

Create playlist files from stored folders or imported from CDs

Edit song information

Open and save song information (even from other players)

Create playlists (folders)

Set the read-only attribute of playlist file

Easily add album art

Rename, move or copy playlists

View, open, edit and search files, folders and URLs

Adjust the volume of the audio file

Navigate between songs, skip, pause, stop or play tracks

View the log file

Switch from album view to song view

Double-click a song to open the main dialog window and the folder tree view

Use keyboard shortcuts for different tasks

Import song information from other programs

Support MPEG-4 and DTS audio files

Automatic monitoring of the time display

Play multiple audio files at once

Import and export playlists and log files to playlists

Easily navigate your CD collection

Easily navigate your audio collection

Optionally display album art

Create radio stations using the log, the station builder, the stream builder or the program builder

All the programs mentioned above work with any version of Windows, and since they all cover different functions, it’s a good idea to check the reviews. In this case, you can easily find reviews about Dajukebox in our Software Ratings.

User reviews:

Review by Dulce

A good program

Dajukebox (formerly Soundbase) Crack+ Serial Number Full Torrent

Dajukebox is a music player for Windows, which was developed by Bozensoft. You can use it to add a lot of file formats, including MP3 and OGG, to play music files.
The program is extremely easy to use and simple. Just drag-and-drop files into Dajukebox and enjoy! The integrated database of currently played songs in Dajukebox can be manipulated and edited by the user. This allows you to create your own playlists and store songs in the database according to their place on the radio. And there are also options to import music from disc, CD or USB, to search for songs and playlists by name or artist.
There are various options to play music, including the following: fullscreen, window size, window position, popup menu, minimum/maximum height, name of each item on the menus, show song length, favorite songs, a scroll bar, music menu items, search in songs, enable ID3v1/2 tags, allow/prevent fading of the music, allow/prevent the playing of radio streams, leave the song playing when the program exits, repeat after each song, repeat after each track, repeat one or more tracks…
Besides these options, it is also possible to adjust the volume, change songs and albums using the playlists and to see the tags of each song.
Apart from the basic player and a DiscBurner function, the program offers other media players, an Internet radio application and a search box. It can also be used as a CD/DVD Audio player, as a DVD/CD/DVD Audio Video player and as a VCD Video player.
Furthermore, Dajukebox includes a file explorer. It comes with a built-in FTP support, MP3 tools such as ID3tag and support for AVI, MP4, WMV, JPEG, GIF, PNG, XVID, MOV and ASF files. And you can transfer files with the help of HTTP, BitTorrent and SFTP protocols.
There is a feature to record radio streams and export them as a MP3 file.
Dajukebox can capture the Windows Desktop automatically and enables you to organize it. You can also use it to arrange the order of the files, manage the selected folders, view the folder structure, share the files with other users and browse through the files, get details of all files and use the file rename feature.
You can also use a playlist manager and the program includes a

Dajukebox (formerly Soundbase) Activation Code With Keygen

Dajukebox is a simple media player.
It is a program that will play music from your computer or from any device that has a.wav file that you want to listen to. It will also be able to play very wav files that contain multiple songs.
This is a very simple program, it is very simple to use. You can simply drag and drop music files from the folder on the desktop, or you can select the files by clicking the folder or clicking the mouse cursor.
You can click the plus sign to add more files to your playlist. Drag and drop the files or click the folder to do that.
You can pause and resume play. You can also stop music and go to the next file. There is a tiny keyboard on the bottom of the window, that will take you into other functions.
This program is very simple, it is just a media player that is able to play music. There is no options menu, no support for selecting the files, and no visual impact of any kind. This is a very simple media player, the interface and appearance is to match that of the program.
Dajukebox Features:

Great design

Very simple to use, only requires a few clicks to play music

It can be configured to play music from your computer

It can play music from any device that has a.wav file, this includes USB drives, MP3 Players, etc.

It can play music files that contain multiple songs

Very easy to use

Very simple to use, it only takes a few simple steps to play music

You can drag and drop music files from your desktop

There is a keyboard on the bottom of the window, you can use it to select different thingsQ:

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What’s New in the Dajukebox (formerly Soundbase)?

Dajukebox is a well-built media player. Besides the usual tracks and audio files functions, it also features a filter, a playlist manager and various playlists. It can also be used as a disc burner.
This media player is best suited for users who prefer straightforward and simple interfaces. In terms of design, Dajukebox is pretty basic. The user interface is predominantly blue. It’s a bit like the Windows Media Player interface.
The program lets you add tracks, audio files, folders and directories from a computer to the library. Simply drag and drop the items directly onto the program window. And do you want to preview a file before you add it to the library? Just do so.
Then you can get started. The library is divided into artists, albums, playlists and tracks. By default, the program starts the first artist in the library and the first album. The tracks and albums overview list is located on the left. And you can scroll through the items you have added with your mouse. On the bottom of the window you’ll find a button that you can use to add items directly to the collection.
But there is also a main menu at the bottom of the window. You can use it to open the library settings, display albums and playlists, sort tracks by album, artist or genre. And you can even edit the info of a song right here in the program. You can adjust the track length, the bit rate, switch to a different audio track, adjust the volume of the songs or use a media player (like Winamp).
You can also use Dajukebox as a disc burner. Just add a folder containing audio files to the program and choose a disc burning software. Afterwards, you can use your disc burner to burn your songs to a CD or a tape.
You can also create, edit and delete playlists. Simply open a playlist and then place the items you want to play in order from the left side to the right. Then you can select the order you want to play the items in and click the Playlist button.
The playback window is located on the bottom right. You have the usual audio and video options at your disposal. Like to take a peek at the audio channels? Head over to the audio settings window. Do you want to manipulate the volume? Do so here. And if you want to adjust the playback speed, you have a specific dialog right here.
Thanks to its drag and drop capabilities, Dajukebox can


System Requirements For Dajukebox (formerly Soundbase):

Fixed an issue that caused the gas station to disappear after purchasing a gas filter.
Fixed an issue that caused the regulator to freeze after completing the Turbo unit quest.
Fixed an issue that caused the paint job to be ignored.
Fixed an issue that caused the passenger seats to be present on default sliders when the player had the rollercoaster permit active.
Fixed an issue that caused the player to become stuck in the VR room after completing the Falling with Style quest.
Fixed an issue that caused the player to