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NetFlow2SQL Collector Crack Serial Number Full Torrent For PC (Final 2022)

by egireni
Published: July 13, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

NetFlow is a feature that first appeared on Cisco routers. It provides the ability to collect IP network traffic as it enters or exits an interface. By analyzing the data provided by NetFlow, a network administrator can determine things such as the source and destination of traffic, class of service, and the causes of congestion.
NetFlow2SQL Collector is a lightweight software solution designed to receive NetFlow packets from up to 10 NetFlow routers thus increasing the workload that can be bared.
NetFlow2SQL Collector can also store the NetFlow router's contents into up to 10 databases on Microsoft SQL Servers or MySQL servers.
The application software is a fusing of two different software apps:  NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager and NetFlow2SQL Collector itself which is a Windows service application.
Once the data from the NetFlow routers is saved into the database formats, they are easier to read and interpret.
​This means that with the help of this software, you don't have to know NetFlow to interpret the data. Instead, you need basic knowledge of Microsoft SQL Servers or MySQL servers.
This task simplification allows you to be an admin even if you don't have all the necessary knowledge.


Download 🌟 DOWNLOAD

Download 🌟 DOWNLOAD






NetFlow2SQL Collector 1.36 Crack + With Keygen Download For PC [Updated] 2022

Capture the network flow and create & read reports from these NetFlow.

The application software has a wizard that walks users through the process of setting up NetFlow routers.
NetFlow2SQL Collector Cracked Accounts Manager:

The NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager is a Windows Service application that is used to manage NetFlow router configurations and SQL Server, MySQL servers connections.

NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager can be a standalone application or it can be integrated with the NetFlow2SQL Collector application. If you are using the standalone version, then it is not required to install the NetFlow2SQL Collector application.
NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager:

Allows you to define NetFlow routers IP and the NetFlow router’s configuration.

The NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager has a wizard that shows you how to configure a single NetFlow router.
NetFlow2SQL Collector User Interface:

NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager can be configured in several ways. Its main options can be seen in the image below:

The NetFlow2SQL Collector application is not a complicated application. Thus, most of the time, you can set up a NetFlow router without any issues.
Once the NetFlow2SQL Collector is configured, when you start your NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager, you can see the settings in the image below:

In this image, you can see the settings that the NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager has.
Different NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager settings can be configured for the NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager:

You can navigate to the “NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager” section in the “Settings” drop-down list.
NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager options:

You can take note of the following NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager options:

The NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager will collect NetFlow data and save it in the database formats, which are listed as follows:

The “Save into” section allows you to choose the NetFlow database type, as well as the database engine. You can also choose to save the NetFlow data in a JSON format. For more information, check out this webpage.

NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager settings:

You can navigate to the “NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager” section in the “Settings” drop-down list.
The “NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager” section has the following options:

The NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager can set the following

NetFlow2SQL Collector 1.36 Crack + With Product Key (Final 2022)

NetFlow2SQL Collector provides you with a working method for calculating the NetFlow data.

It is important that NetFlow2SQL Collector works in the following order:

-Collector Database
-Collector Service
-Collector Database Service

Collector Database Specification:

-Supported Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL servers

Collector Service Specification:

-Supported Windows Servers

netFlow2sql collector Features:

-One NetFlow router can be configured to send NetFlow records to a database.
-Collector can be configured by multiple databases.
-NetFlow records are sent to a single database.
-User can have a maximum of 10 databases.
-One NetFlow router can be configured to send NetFlow records to a Service.
-Collector can be configured by multiple services.
-NetFlow records are sent to a single service.
-User can have a maximum of 10 services.

netFlow2sql collector Troubleshooting:

-The data in collector database is not sent to server and no popup shows up saying there’s an error.
-The data in the collector service is not sent to server and no popup shows up saying there’s an error.
-Server doesn’t show NetFlow tables for a specified database or a specified service.

Installer download file:

How to execute:

1.First download the installer file, extract it using WinRAR.
2.Run the installer file. Click on Next and accept the license.
3.Next, configure the database: The installation path and server address/name will be displayed if anything incorrect is configured. Click Next.
4.The database configuration will be saved automatically. Click Next.
5.The collector will be created automatically. Click Next.
6.The configuration files will be created automatically. Click Finish.
7.If the installer accepts the default path, click Yes, otherwise click No.
8.Run the netFlow2sql collector.
9.Monitor the application and NetFlow data.

By default, collector will receive NetFlow records from the configured interfaces.

Collector of Microsoft SQL Server needs to be installed on SQL Servers

NetFlow2SQL Collector 1.36 Crack

​This NetFlow2SQL Collector software is made up of a Manager application (NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager) and a Windows service application (NetFlow2SQL Collector).
It allows you to monitor up to 10 NetFlow routers and saves the data into SQL databases, such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. You can also view the data in a graphical manner.
The NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager runs on the client PC and continuously collects the NetFlow data and saves them to SQL databases.
The NetFlow2SQL Collector is a Windows service application that continuously runs and processes NetFlow data saved in SQL databases.
NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager Can Be Customized:
As mentioned earlier, NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager has a lot of the necessary tools to customize and configure. This software also allows you to export NetFlow data to Google Earth, ASCII, JSON, CSV, and more.
Moreover, this software enables you to choose the data format that suits you. You can choose to view data in a graphical, textual, or HTML format.
This NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager can also be customized with different colors and backdrops.
NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager User Interface:
​NetFlow2SQL Collector Manager is a simple to use software that comes with a Windows interface. Once you log on to this software, you can easily set up NetFlow2SQL Collector.
As you can see in the above screenshot, there are many different tabs.
Once you open the software, you’ll see the tabs on the main screen.
Under network statistics, you can view all the statistics, information and details about your NetFlow router.
Under configuration and management, you can configure how NetFlow data will be logged and stored, as well as save this data into different files.
And finally, under statistics and backup, you can view the data that’s been collected in a graphical manner. You can also enable or disable access to all the tabs on the software.
NetFlow2SQL Collector Supports the Following Devices and Platforms:
NetFlow2SQL Collector supports the following devices and platforms:
•  Intel Centrino platform
•  Windows 7
•  Windows 8
•  Windows Server 2008
•  Windows Server 2012
NetFlow2SQL Collector Features:
This NetFlow2SQL Collector software is a simple to use software that comes with a Windows interface. The software has many different tabs and forms.
These tabs include network statistics, configuration, data backup

What’s New In NetFlow2SQL Collector?


NetFlow is a dataflow monitoring and performance management application.NetFlow is supported by routers such as:

Cisco Systems routers
Juniper NetFlow-enabled interfaces
Chaos Flow compatible configurations

NetFlow provides traffic data at a router interface level.NetFlow collects information at the Layer 2/3/4 link (physical or virtual interface) level, and more granular flow records are stored at the level of the individual datagram.NetFlow also provides CPU cycles information, number of commands executed, lost packets, etc.


Since NetFlow is a very huge amount of data (NetFlow provides traffic data at a router interface level), it is impossible to collect the data manually. Consequently, NetFlow provides a tool called “Collector” (generically called “Collector” hereinafter) for this purpose.
The main benefit of collecting data through Collector is that it automatically collects the data from every interface.
The data collected by Collector is stored in a format called “NetFlow”.
NetFlow is a dataformat used for communicating with external applications and provides a number of data attributes, such as:

Frame Type: The IP packet type, which defines the technology type it carries.

Source Address: The IP address of the originating host.

Destination Address: The IP address of the destination host.

Source Protocol Address: The IP address of the originating host.

Destination Protocol Address: The IP address of the destination host.

Source Interface: The physical interface of the source host.

Destination Interface: The physical interface of the destination host.

Generation Time: The time when the flow was generated.

Flags: The attributes of the flow (such as if it is forwarded or accepted by a router).

Flow Start Time: The time when the flow began (for outgoing flows).

Flow End Time: The time when the flow ended (for outgoing flows).

Flow Duration: The time from the start of the flow to the end of the flow (for outgoing flows).

Source and destination port: The port numbers used in the flow.

Netflow Records are in the form of table rows with each row containing multiple columns of data.
In case of NetFlow v9, the table rows (NetFlow records) are specified as follows:

Table header: The header has the following attributes:

Table name: The name


System Requirements For NetFlow2SQL Collector:

– Minimum Requirements:
OS: Win7/8/8.1/10
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Video Card: 2048 x 1080
– Recommended Requirements:
OS: Win10
Processor: 2.5 GHz